Start your teacher training with a BASI retreat…

Are you ready to take the first step to becoming a Pilates teacher? 


We are proud to be the facilitator of BASI Pilates’ Mat Teacher Training programmes in a fully immersive retreat-style format. The training is comprised of two separate retreat weeks to allow for practice time and integration of the work. During the course of your training you will receive personal online tuition guided by Mareile Paley and the BASI Pilates faculty and you may choose to do you final practical exam at the end of the second retreat. If you are looking for a serious and thorough introduction to the Pilates Method by a world renowned Pilates school, this teacher training is for you!

Our 2019 BASI Mat Teacher Trainings will be offered in Thailand and Portugal – pick the dates that work for you:

Retreat 1 (Modules 1-3):
Feb 4th – 10th (Koh Samui) or
May 25th – June 1st (Portugal) or
Oct 27th – Nov 2nd (Portugal)

Retreat 2 (Modules 4-6):
Feb 10th – 16th (Koh Samui) or
June 1st – 7th (Portugal) or
Nov 2nd – 8th (Portugal)


BALI 2019

Our active luxury retreat to escape the daily grind!

Pilates & Yoga Retreat.
Join us in Bali for one of our most popular retreats! BASI Teacher Trainer and faculty Tash Barnard will be leading this dream retreat together with Tracy Sue du Plessis from Australia. Expect to learn and laugh and to return home full of inspiration for a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. No previous experience required. Everyone is welcome.


Nature, sun, sea, Pilates, Yoga… YOU time!

Pilates & Yoga Retreat
Recharge in Portugal with our fun and active 6-day retreat. The perfect mix of Pilates, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga will leave you healthy, happy and energized. A short getaway from Europe and hosted at one of Portugal’s most sought after retreat centers, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to welcome you near the beautiful Alentejo coast.


Let’s travel to a Greek island and learn to move with the elements…

The movement retreat we all deserve! Pilates. Yoga. Gyrokinesis®.

We created this retreat just for you. Lots of delicious body movement brought to you by our senior teachers Anja Kursawe and Miriam Friedrich-Honorio. Our days will consist of several movement classes – Pilates, Yoga and Gyrokinesis, mixed with private one-on-one sessions and enough time to enjoy the wind, the sea and for you to just be you! Join us in Paros, Greece.


Fantastic week with excellent teaching, wonderful people in a magnificent setting.  All that I was hoping for and more. The teachers had a presence and experience that was clear and reassuring, I knew I was in safe hands! It went deeper than my everyday Pilates and I went away having learnt a lot. I didn’t expect the week to go so quickly. I also didn’t expect to feel so profoundly refreshed at the end. Liz McCord, UK

Thank you for also for setting up the Private 1-1 Pilates sessions in the beautifully exotic and breeze-cooled sala with you, Mareile and Miriam. You each taught me some great exercises for focusing on repairing some of my injuries and you taught me too to listening to my body more. The stunning surroundings amongst the swaying palm trees, the pampass grass and the Coy Carp will be a lasting memory of the retreat. Lisa Watkins, UK

Mareile, thank you for broadening my horizons with every Retreat. Theresa Lombard, Qatar

This retreat was truly “Art of Life and Movement” in every sense of the word and it was an exceptional and affirming experience. For myself, regardless of any insecurities that I may have had, I felt myself be comfortable in my uncomfortableness, and being able to let it go… I believe everyone found a little piece of themselves that they didn’t know they were searching for and I am returning home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life’s challenges with grace and a smile. Cagri Salon, Turkey

The retreat I did in Turkey October 2014 nourished my body and spirit with personalized Pilates training in a beautiful place with an amazing group of wonderful new friends. I was reminded that new adventures are exhilarating so jump in! Kate, USA

It was unforgettable and so special! We really appreciate everything you arranged – we are loving every minute! Theresa Lombard, South Africa

I always thought I’m the best, but after work with you now I know YOU are the best. I had such a great time working with you, you are peaceful, kind, smart and thoughtful! Wang Bo, Shaolin Monk

I could say so much about the week, I don’t know where to begin. I really loved the balance between yoga and pilates. I was looking for an introduction to pilates, and ideally in a way I could combine it with my existing yoga practice, and I got exactly that. I would be delighted to be able to join you both on a future retreat, be it Turkey or elsewhere. Natalie, UK

Loved the Pilates Retreat with Mareile in Koh Samui. It was very relaxing, amazing food, beautiful location, lovely people and good accommodation. It was the perfect week away to unwind. Would highly recommend it! Inge, Australia

Mareile does a wonderful job of working to make sure that all retreat participants have a meaningful experience …whether you are just a beginner or you have been practicing for years. The instructors were incredibly hands-on, and the location exquisite. I can’t wait for the chance to sign up for another retreat!

Elise, USA

I had an amazing time at Kamalaya. I have not felt so relaxed since years. The combination of Pilates and the second workout was just right, demanding but doable. Kamalaya is the perfect place for such a retreat. The service is incredible and the food is so delicious despite of being very healthy. Not only did I become leaner, more relaxed and learned much about Pilates, but I have also adapted a healthier life style in general using the tips that Mareile and Andrew shared with us. I wish I could do this much more often. Helen, London

As a top notch Pilates expert, Mareile brings a holistic approach to the human body. Her insights on kinesiology and wellness are profound. More practically, for the spa environment, she is focused on offering sessions where guests can experience a positive relationship with their bodies and their lives. This is the kind of reflective and, ultimately, transformative experiences we look to offer every spa guest. Gregory Ugrin, USA

After 9 years of practicing Pilates I took the next step and signed up for Mareile’s retreat. I was completely happy with the retreat and it would be hard to improve it. Thanks for making me discover Thailand. Mizzi, Netherlands

I feel so energized that my friends say I am ‘glowing’! Pauline, Hong Kong

To begin with, the retreat was all I expected and even more. I would highly recommend the retreat to people, and I will definitely go again in the future. Both of us are not the kind to take relaxing, pool-side vacations. But the retreat provided us with an opportunity to have a semi-active vacation, together with a semi pool-side vacation. A combination that worked out really well. Sam, New York

A truly wonderful experience unlike no other, in a gorgeous setting and very well organized with terrific leaders. I really enjoyed the beautiful resort, but also loved the excursion to Ulu Watu area very much and the Ubud day trip. The meals were spectacular, and the staff at Desa Seni really could not have been nicer. Thank you for everything you did to make this experience and memory possible. Leslie, Virginia

I felt very exhilarated, rested & relaxed, joyful & very happy to have spent the time with you both. I am grateful to have had you both as instructors for my first experience of a yoga/pilates retreat in such a beautiful location. Being a beginner with yoga and a first for Pilates, I thank you for your patience & understanding. Tisha, Canada


Just a quick email to let you know how much we loved that retreat. We really had a great time and came back with full energy to HK. Keep us posted on future retreats, we’re definitely interested. Guillaume, Hong Kong

The best way to become a Pilates teacher:

In 2017 we formed a strong connection with BASI Pilates through a magical retreat in Portugal that started it all. See what BASI founder Rael Isacowitz has to say about our latest collaboration…

What started so well in 2018, will continue next year: Join our deeply immersive BASI Pilates Mat Teacher Trainings! These trainings are offered in a retreat-style format and are open to all whose who are serious (and curious) about becoming a Pilates teacher. We still have a few spots for the next training in Thailand starting in February.

For those who are dreaming of the tropics, there is still time to join us in Bali (almost sold out!) for Pilates Connect – a Pilates and Iyengar Yoga Retreat. Later in the year we will hold our Pilates Embrace Retreat – a truly wonderful opportunity to explore movement through a trio of disciplines: Pilates, Yoga and Gyrokinesis.

Reach out for question and suggestions. See you in 2019!



We have been leading Pilates retreats across the globe since 2010 and pride ourselves in only working with the best teachers: the ones we would love to go on a retreat with ourselves!

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