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On my recent trip to Thailand where I was teaching as a Visiting Practitioner at the ever-wonderful Kamalaya Wellness Resort, I met Deborah. Deborah Marshall-Warren is a renown interactive hypnotherapist and offers her services in London, Malta, as well as other resorts around the world. She also spends her time writing and with her kind permission I am re-posting her blog from her website: Wholebeing Today as it captures much of what I and others experience here in Koh Samui…


Imagine yourself as a modern-day hermit …
In a world where there is an earnestness to our conversations, we are scram­b­ling to keep up. Our conversations are running. Our pacing is fast. The televisual tribe of modern newsreaders is now only a beat or two ahead of the drumming conversations on the street … the pressure to convey … to upload an idea – to export the sound of our own voices – increases apace. We desire to be heard … yet are too tired to listen. The desire to express ourselves is stronger than our morning coffee. Our adrenaline is in a constant state of rush.

Could you choose to go it alone?
Aloneness is no longer the province of the monk, the nun, or the hermit, the writer, or the artist. Aloneness is a desire of many modern human beings, for what they call ‘retreat’. To re­treat and refuel and redress the balance in our caffeine-fuelled lives. Aloneness in the midst of other loners is an acceptable place. Couples retreat to reconnect and be two … to untangle from the long and winding road of complex modern life. People in­creasingly seek a retreat – be it a natural therapy retreat – or be it an emotional therapy retreat – a vacation for the soul. As I write from Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary,, I observe that perhaps sixty percent of the guests are women travelling alone.

I’m on the way to a state called R-e-l-a-x
These women, and men, are seeking out a state called R-e-l-a-x. Here, in Relaxville, clients’ smartphones are banished to the admittedly luxurious monastic cell of the sea-view suite, or a hill-top villa. Smartphones are silenced and sen­tenced to the comfortably salubrious indoor world. And laptops lay shut, tablets layblank, whilst their owners are inducted in the ways of the state of relaxation. Bliss beckons. And there are more and more dis­ciples of bliss.

A Vacation for the Soul
In my view, such resorts are the modern-day equivalents of monasteries in so far as a peaceful retreat is con­cerned, and they offer a quality of service and a quality of environment that are heaven-sent, and heaven-scented. These modern-day sanctuaries offer a homely vacation for the soul. Upon the altar of the reception desk lies a menu of nutri­tion, for the mind, for the body, and for the spirit. Within their doors pray­ers are answered ¾ prayers for holistic health and holistic bliss. As you step within their portals you are welcomed into a world of tender, loving care at an upscale price that more and more people are now ready to stretch their budgets to cover. “Come,” they urge, “reclaim your peace of mind.”

In a world where an ‘inner world’ lies in waiting…
I am writing from Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand. Ko Samui has long been favoured by Buddhist monks as a sanctuary for spiritual retreat. The island, they say, has a special energy that enriches and enlightens their spiritual path and helps them connect more profoundly with spiritual energies. What is above and beyond extraordinary here at Kamalaya, is that the Wellness Sanctuary, where I practise, and, the luxury hermitages that accommodate the retreatants, surround a centuries-old cave, once used by Buddhist monks as a place for meditation and spiritual retreat. Consider the awesome notion of centuries of contemplation and prayer in that one small enclave. In our world, in our modern world, it is right here, in a cave you can get online, and dial directly in to God within… an inner world of vast resources, potential, creativity and guidance.

Imagine a Call Centre with a Direct Line to God…
Imagine being a monk in meditation, sharing your living space with a cobra, having an agreement, made telepathically in the mind?

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