Simone Barrett

Simone, a lover of nature and adventure, has always had a fascination for how the human body moves and functions. She qualified as a physiotherapist in 2014 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa and completed her Basi Pilates Mat Work Instructors Course in 2014.

Simone has since then enjoyed integrating Pilates with physiotherapy to promote healing and positive lifestyle adaptations. Simone had the privilege of working with some professional athletes in the build up to the 2014 Olympics, as well as the local provincial rugby team. 

In 2015, Simone worked in a rural community in South Africa, called, Manguzi as a physiotherapist. Her work varied from acute hospital care, teaching patients to walk again, getting people as independent as possible after traumatic injuries as well as equipping and educating members in the community of better healthy ways of living. Her days often started with a simple sunrise Pilates class on the hospital water tower…i.e. Pilates with a view!

Simone is currently working in a physiotherapy practice in Ballito, a coastal town in South Africa, where she daily has the opportunity to merge her skills of Pilates into her physiotherapy sessions for functional movement (specific to each person). And so this  highlights her idea that, “Simply moving, keeps moving simple.”

You can only stretch yourself as much as you stregthen. Flexibility without control breeds injury, and stability forms the foundation for optimal mobility.



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  • Day 6. Time to say goodbye. We had a wonderful time. There is so much to be said about bringing together two teachers on a retreat. We share, we learn. Plus, it’s always fun geeking out on Pilates/Yoga talk. Thank you @thomasshalabi for sharing your wisdom and your truly authentic energy. 🙏
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  • Day 4. Time flies. Can we actively slow down time? I believe that YES! What if we were to stop answering our emails right away? What if we are just not available for a week because we are taking some time for ourselves? The world will not collapse. #pilatesgodeep2017 #yogaretreat #pilatesretreat #thismoment #thetimeisnow #meditation #whatanamazingtree #banyan #srilanka

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