Pilates Delight – Turkey


You decide


3 – 10 days


Alacati, Turkey


Mareile Paley


from €600



A retreat just for you!

Are you looking for a Pilates Retreat, but can’t find one that fits your dates? This is why we have created Pilates Delight, a highly personalized Pilates holiday in the beautiful village of Alacati, Turkey, right near the turquoise waters of the aegean sea. Think of it as a holiday in the sun with delicious, fresh food and daily private Pilates instruction. Here is how it works:


You tell us:

  • the dates and length of your desired stay
  • the amount of daily classes you wish to have (usually between 1-2 hrs)
  • any extras you would like to have included in your package, such as yoga, wellness treatments, cooking class, Turkish language class, kitesurfing, windsurfing lessons, excursions…
We give you:
  • daily private Pilates sessions with Mareile Paley on the mat, reformer and cadillac
  • optional participation in Mareile’s regular mat group classes
  • a choice of hand-picked accommodations in walking distance to the studio, adapted to your budget and needs.
  • help with any other aspects of your stay, from food to excursions, from shopping tips to secret beach get-aways.

Feel like you need a vacation?

Alacati was a sleepy backwater until the gusty bays nearby were discovered by windsurfers in the 1990s. Today, Alacati’s old Greek houses and cobblestone streets are well preserved and attract romantics, eccentrics as well as Turkey’s high society. In the high season (July/August) artsy boutiques and Turkish cafes line the alleys and the many nearby beaches invite to linger for a summer cocktail. Come in the off-season and you will discover an authentic village full of charm, enjoy the nature and unspoiled coastline.


As ‘locals’, we have neighborly connections to various boutique hotels, such as the exclusive Alavya and the charming Tash Otel, and are happy to help you pick your ‘home away from home’ suiting your budget and wishes. For your daily Pilates sessions I invite you to join me at my sun-filled home studio right in the village center.


Located a 45-min drive from Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Alacati is located on the Cesme peninsula and just a stone-throw away from the Greek island of Chios – a possible day-trip excursion during your stay.


The beaches, some sandy, some with pebbles, others along amazing cliffs can easily be reached by taxi or minibus. If you want to explore other sights in the region, such as Ephesus, Pamukkale, or the famous market of Tire we can help you arrange for a car or driver.


My family and I feel very blessed to be able to call this place home and I can’t wait to share it all with you. And… when you do come, I will tell you how we all (a French/German couple with one kid born in Hong Kong, the other in Istanbul) ended up here in Alacati…


Your time, your dates, your wishes

Most people who sign up for Pilates Delight come alone and that is excellent! I congratulate you for taking this step, because let’s face it … when do you ever spend time with yourself? So, now you will. We will tailor your private Pilates classes to your ability and needs and we will use the whole use of studio equipment – from the reformer to the Wunda Chair. I get all kinds of people, from total beginners to professional Pilates instructors, and the great thing about working so closely with one person on a daily level is that the leaning curve is huge! Together, we will set achievable goals for the time you are here and your Pilates practice back home.


Sometimes, I have several ‘single’ clients at the same time. If that’s the case (and if everyone is up for it), I usually try and organize a small excursion, picnic or dinner for everyone and we might also set up some group mat classes.


Following my return from Alacati, I was delighted to be told by one of my instructors how he had noticed the difference in my pilates! I really have felt that I gained more “body control” and that my technique has improved. I appreciate all the varied classes that I enjoyed with you both at your home and at the mat classes. It was an excellent way to enjoy a “mini retreat”! Thank you very much!
Michael, London

A tailor-made retreat for you and your friends

Why not organize a private Pilates retreat as a special event for you and your friends? Combine it with a holiday in Turkey? Even better! Have your own private villa at your disposal? Now we are talking!


For small groups between 4 – 8 people we will put you up at our beautiful village guesthouse. Here, you will have your own garden with pool, a kitchen and living room with fireplace, and a terrace for our group mat classes. Just a few minutes walk from my studio, you will be able to enjoy private equipment classes as well. Any special wishes, such as a private cook, driver, massages, or meditation, yoga or dance classes can be arranged as well.


Large Guest House Garden

Tell us your budget

It doesn’t need to be expensive to feel special. I have created Pilates Delight with two wishes in mind: To be able to spread my passion for teaching Pilates despite living in a small Turkish village and to cater to those, who cannot make the group retreat dates.


The idea is simple and so is the cost calculation: You book yourself a holiday. You combine it with daily private Pilates instruction. You pay me for the sessions just like my regular clients. Depending on how much or how little of this holiday planning you want to take care of yourself I offer the following options:


Classes Only  €60/session

You tell us when you will be here, we schedule your sessions and you take care of the rest.



Classes Plus  from €200/day

These packages are calculated per day and include your accommodation with breakfast, 1-hr private studio Pilates session and a dinner with Mareile. We will select your accommodation together, keeping in mind your budget, the season, distance to my house, the beaches etc. The final price will depend on the hotel you chose and the length of your stay. Rountrip airport transfer to/from Izmir is included.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time to come?
Personally, I love the spring and fall season the best. It is a bit more quiet then than during the busy summer months. Winter can also be nice – it will still be warmer than in most parts of Europe, but you might not want to jump into the pool. That said, there are some fantastic natural hot-springs nearby and most hotels have a cosy fire place.


What’s the climate like?
I’ll make it short: windy, hot and dry during June, July, August. April, May, September and October are less scorching with many windy days and mild evenings. In winter it can get a bit nippy, but rarely below the freezing point. The most rain we get is in January, February and March – outside of these months the chances for rain are slim and pretty much non-existent from May – October.


How far is the beach?
Alacati is situated in the bottleneck of the Cesme peninsula. There are beaches all around and you can chose depending on your mood (sandy, grassy, rocky and wild…) and the wind conditions (it’s almost always possible to get away from the wind). The closest beaches are 3km away and can be reached by minibus, taxi or bicycle for the brave…


Will I need a car?
A car is great to explore some of the more remote beaches and villages in the area, but it’s not necessary. You will find plenty of activities and areas you can explore on foot. Minibuses and taxis are readily available.


Do you have a reformer?
Yes, I do. In fact, I have a cadillac/trapeze table which can be converted into a reformer, so you will have a full range of studio equipment available to you.


I have a special condition, can I still attend the retreat?
Absolutely yes. This is part of why I created Pilates Delight. As long as you are cleared by your doctor to exercise, we will adapt your training to your needs and abilities. Pilates is a low impact form of exercise and an excellent choice for clients with scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic back problems… to name just a few. Really, Pilates is for everyone!


Can I take other classes than Pilates?
As a certified personal trainer, we can adjust your Pilates programme and give it more of a fitness focus. We can add TRX and cardio training to your workouts. If you want to add Yoga to your programme, this can be arranged as well. For a more mindful practice, ask for my Waking Energy sessions…


What else can I do in Alacati?
You can windsurf, kitesurf, rent a mountainbike. You can go hiking or take a ferry to Greece. You can swim, chill, visit spas and beachclubs. You can shop for antiques and explore our weekly Satuday market. You could even take a cooking class or a Turkish lesson. In short – there is no shortage of things to do here.


As a humanitarian aid worker and an avid runner and yogi, I stumbled upon my first retreat with Mareile in 2010 in Bali. It was simply amazing. I didn’t think it could be topped, but the private retreat Mareile arranged for me was beyond expectations. I contacted her with one email, and everything else was arranged. I literally showed up at the airport in Izmir and entered paradise! In one day, I felt like a new person. Her level of detail and knowledge was extraordinary. In our time together, my body was transformed, while at the same time, having so much fun discovering beautiful Alcati! Mareile is one of the best Pilates instructors out there, and what a beautiful place to be taught by such a wonderful teacher…

Cindy, Canada

Following my return from Alacati, I was delighted to be told by one of my instructors how he had noticed the difference in my pilates! I really have felt that I gained more “body control” and that my technique has improved. I appreciate all the varied classes that I enjoyed with you both at your home and at the mat classes. It was an excellent way to enjoy a “mini retreat”! Thank you very much!

Michael, United Kingdom

I can’t wait to meet you!

Every new client is always such an inspiration. We want to make your stay as perfect as possible, so the more we know, the better we can prepare. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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