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With Pilates Elevate – our Pilates and Acro/Aerial Yoga Retreat on the horizon in May 2017, I wanted to share with you a beautiful little story written by Lucy Kewley about our last Bali retreat. Enjoy!

Have you ever been fortunate to go on a retreat? Do yourself a favour and go! Start saving. Do something to make some pennies – sell your clothes, syphone money out of your grocery allowance (don’t tell my husband!), save the money you would have spent on that evening out… whatever! JUST MAKE A PLAN!

A few years ago I was very fortunate to go on a retreat to BALI with a very dear friend of mine. She was actually leading the retreat with another incredible girl. Together they executed a brilliantly organized week full of PILATES & AERIAL YOGA. At the time of going I was reasonably new to Pilates and had NEVER done Aerial Yoga. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect – I just knew I needed to go!

It still ranks as one of the happiest times in my life.

The accommodation was perfect. We were surrounded by rice paddies with a work-out area a short walk away. Our mornings started with Pilates or Yoga, followed by a long lazy breakfast, chatting around the pool, reading, snoozing and sometimes a massage. There was a perfect balance of free time and organized activities. The instructors were available to give private sessions if you wanted and who wouldn’t? Just spending time in their company was a privilege and a time to connect with yourself and think about what was going on in your life. That’s what I love about both Yoga and Pilates – it tends to bring not only the body, but the mind back into alignment.

It was only after being there for a few days that I realized how little time I had given to myself over the past years. I strongly believe that to be a good wife, mother, friend, sister and daughter, you HAVE to spend time realizing who you are and what’s really important in your life. Don’t ever sacrifice your exercise time (or any other ‘me’ time) and never feel guilty about doing it.

Take time for you, have some fun, do something you would never dream possible… I did and it changed my life!

Ricefield forearm stand

Ricefield forearm stand by our amazing teacher Tash Barnard.


How about calling this sweet place your home for a week in May 2017?

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  • Like an abstract painting. Maledives from above. A stopover just. After the plane had emptied off the tourists, I was almost alone in the 1-hr onward flight to Colombo. #andsoitbegins #offtosrilanka #pilatesgodeep2017 #yogaretreat #pilatesretreat #withoutthefamily #ilovemyjob #cantwaittostart
  • Packing for Sri Lanka. Favorite sandals, favorite book, favorite leggings from @prancingleopard ... a gift for my participants and a mala by @shifuwangbo for myself... A week of bliss doing what I do best lays ahead. 
If you missed this retreat, have a look at our 2018 Retreats - link in profile. From Teacher Trainings to Family Retreats, from Morocco to Portugal...the time is now! #pilatesretreat2017 #yogaretreat #pilatesgodeep2017 #offtosrilanka #trilanka #seeyalater
  • Kiwi is ready for class, so are you coming? The fact that I’ve moved our community yoga classes indoors makes sure I keep up my ‚saucha‘ ❤️👏 #yogainalacati #morningyoga #practicedaily #yogaclass #inside #imready
  • Yes. We have officially moved inside. The sun and blue sky is deceptive. It’s still so warm and nice in the daytime, but mornings are chilly now and who wants to shiver during savasana...? #yogaclass #morningyoga #yogainalacati #practicedaily #myfavoritestudents
  • The coming weeks have a lot of travel in store. I’ll be in Sri Lanka for our PILATES GO DEEP Retreat with @thomasshalabi, then in Costa Mesa, California to hook up with @basipilates for 2018 retreat ideas. But one of the most exciting events on my horizon is our 200-hr Pilates Mat Teacher Training in Thailand and Portugal with the gracious and always inspiring @bodyinsight_anjak - pictured here on our last trip to Greece... #alwaystraveling #exitingplans #lovemylife #livemyjob #pilatesretreat #collaborate #neverstoplearning #neverstopdreaming
  • Retreats are my life, but I do love my clients back home. Rarely have I ever taught a group with so much enthusiasm, comittment and so much laughter (much of it induced by my struggling for the right anatomical words in German). Feels really good to brush up on my poor German skills 😂! #pilatesfun #practicedaily #pilatesgroup #schoolteachersarethebest #youcandoit #doublelegstretch #pilatesinturkey
  • As the autumn days become greyer, retreat memories shine brighter ✨Here are my brother Thilo and the most wonderful Wang Bo, enjoying a post-class glass of water. Or wait - was it Vino Verde? #martialarts #basipilates #kungfu #raelisacowitz #shaolin #retreatofaliftime #pilatesretreat
  • Couldn't resist posting one more retreat moment... may we forever hold that incredible power within! #thismoment #pilatespersonal #retreatofaliftime #movementwithintention #basipilates #raelisacowitz #kungfu #shaolin #martialarts
  • Day 7. The time has come to part and to leave our bubble. I took me a while to select the right image from the plethora of exciting shots of our last Morning Pilates Class with #raelisacowitz ... the hug embodies it all. I'm still at a loss for words to describe what happened here in this week in Portugal. 🙏 #portugal2017 #basipilates #movementwithintention #retreatofaliftime #pilatespersonal #thismoment #wehavetomeetagain

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